Medical Services

At LifeCentre medicals, our services are aimed at making health care accessible, high quality, and patient centered. We provide different types of services that are necessary in order to offer successful health services.

Covid-19 Tests

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Following the covid outbreak, it is ideal to take the test for prompt identification of cases, judicious treatment of positive cases and immediate isolation to prevent spread. Early testing also helps to identify anyone who came into contact with infected people so they too can be quickly treated. We provide accurate, timely and reliable testing services to facilitate proper management of positive cases and also aid the safe travels of negative clients.

Isolation Center

While the health burden of the global COVID-19 pandemic cannot be overstated, the financial effects of the disease are also very pronounced. The impact of the COVID-19 infection can be debilitating on individuals and families and because we recognize these, our priority at our Isolation center is to provide optimal and dependable care for COVID-19 patients at cost-effective and pocket-friendly rates.

Clinical Chemistry

Clinical chemistry tests measure the levels of chemical components in body fluids and tissues. These tests results are then used to assess the functions of body organs. We effectively provide different tests to detect and measure chemical components such as blood glucose, proteins, electrolytes, lipids and other metabolic substances in body fluids.


We perform credible routine hematology testing and various body fluid testing and analysis for clinical assessments of blood cells and blood disorders.


Our Clinical microbiology tests isolate and characterize infectious organisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites) so that the diseases they cause can be managed and treated in patients.


We use serology tests to detect/measure certain antibodies produced against certain organisms by the body. Antibody levels can help physicians determine whether a person has been exposed to an infection recently.