About Us

LifeCentre Medical Services is a medical facility that provides top-notch diagnostic services including COVID-19 medical services to Nigerians. We combine leadership, precision technology and sound medical knowledge to bring better outcomes for doctors and patients alike.

We are here to support and provide you with highly efficient, evidence-based and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology. Our scientific experts provide consultation on individual diagnostic pathways and meaningful and valid interpretation of results. This creates a solid foundation to deliver efficient and effective therapy. And because we want you to get – and stay – well, we work assiduously to accelerate diagnostic procedures and accurate, timely results delivery.

What we believe


Leadership through excellence in service to patients and the medical community with reliable diagnostics and value added.


To be the provider of choice for patients and health care providers, offering a patient-centred service, continuing to meet the demands of local and hospital based clinicians, our healthcare partners and our patients.


We foster relationships with our partners and clients through professionalism, adherence to ethics, optimal services delivery, respect and openness.