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About us

Life Centre Medical Services is a leading provider of healthcare services in Nigeria. We offer a wide range of top-notch diagnostic services including haematology, chemical pathology, microbiology, molecular pathology, histopathology, serology, immunoassays, radiology, cytology, toxicology and occupational health services.

We are here to support you with highly efficient services, reliable results that are powered by evidence-based processes and state of-the-art technology. We combine leadership, precision technology and sound medical knowledge to bring better outcomes for clients, doctors and organisations. Our scientific goal is to use individualized diagnostic pathways and valid interpretation of results to create a solid foundation for the delivery of efficient and effective therapy.

We want you to get and stay well, therefore we continually work to improve our procedures and provide accurate, timely results while prioritizing our clients‘ needs and quality standards.

Our history

Life Centre Medical Services was established following the COVID-19 infection outbreak in Nigeria, in a bid to improve access to efficient testing and diagnosis. We are internationally-accredited (ISO 9001:2015) and validated by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control and Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria. Since 2020, we have provided an extensive range of specialised and advanced tests to support the fight against the COVID-19 infection.

As a medical diagnostics company set up to provide easier access to quality, reliable and affordable medical tests, we leveraged on our experience, professionalism and state of the art equipment and technology to provide better health outcomes for our partners and clients. We expanded our molecular laboratory services and onboarded new tests in areas such as pathology, radiology, occupational health services etc.

We have established partnerships with several government agencies, hospitals, medical practitioners and communities. Serving over 150,000 people and 100 organizations, we continue to increase Nigeria‘s capacity for testing through quality processes, timely service delivery, precise diagnostic outcomes and excellence in service delivery.