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Providing client-focused quality services remains our major focus. Choosing us means choosing the best health services for you and your loved ones.


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We are constantly adding new tests and updating our existing tests and profiles. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service in which we aim to meet demanding turn around time.

Covid-19 Tests

Take any of our offered Covid-19 tests to show that you’re Covid free. Our PCR/Rapid tests are accepted as fit to fly tests for pre-departure or upon arrival in Nigeria.

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We offer pathology testing solutions across disciplines including Clinical Chemistry, Immunology, Hematology, Microbiology, Serology etc.

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Wellness Plan

We have designed different wellness packages to screen all relevant health indicators and parameters to detect any unusual risk factors.

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We provide top-quality results, reviewed and endorsed by trusted professionals, to help facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of different diseases.

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Occupational Health

We assist our corporate and individual partners to develop and implement occupational health solutions aimed at maximising health of their workforce.

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Value-added Services

You no longer have to wait for days to carryout covid-19 test as we provide instant rapid test or antigen. We can collect your samples at home

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Why choose us

We provide comprehensive testing services carried out in our state-of-the-art laboratory by experts with the use of the latest technology to ensure results are accurate and reliable. We deliver results with a customer-focused approach and fast Turn around times.


We offer prompt and accurate diagnosis in a conducive environment at an affordable rate.


We deliver optimal services to our clients; the positive testimonies of our services to our clients over the years has shown how reliable we are as an organization.


We have cemented ourselves as one of the leading medical diagnostics solution providers in Nigeria and we cater to myriads of bespoke diagnostic needs and modalities.


We have well-trained professionals, highly qualified medical personnel with innovative minds and excellent customer service approach.

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How long does testing typically take before results are available?

The Turn Around Time for tests depends on the specific test(s). Many tests are completed within 1 - 4 hours. COVID-19 PCR Test results are ready in 6 - 12 hours. Paps, Viral load tests, Biopsies and Cultures take longer time because of the nature of the procedures. Additionally, some specialty tests take longer and our personnel can tell you if your tests fall into any of these categories once you contact us.

What you need to know before your test?

Depending on the test or tests ordered, you may be told not to eat food for 8 - 12 hours before coming to the laboratory, or you may be told to only eat certain foods. For other tests, you may be told to drink more or less fluids than what you would normally drink 8 - 12 hours before the test. If your doctor tells you laboratory tests are ordered, ask for special instructions or talk with a member of our laboratory team. A Fasting Blood Glucose test needs to be done early in the morning after an overnight fast of 8 - 10 hours before breakfast. While a Random Blood Glucose is done at any other time of the day or after eating.

What other tests do you do apart from COVID-19?

We run a range of tests comprising of Hematology (Full Blood count, Reticulocyte count clotting profile etc), Chemistry (Kidney and Liver Function tests, Hormonal profile e.t.c), Microbiology (cultures and analysis), Molecular testing (HIV viral load, Hepatitis B viral load and Hepatitis C viral load, Tuberculosis detection + drug resistance, Sexually Transmitted Infections PCR panel, etc. We have different wellness packages suited for different age demographics including Pregnancy Booking Package, Sexual Health Check, Menopausal Screening, Bronze health check, Silver health check, Gold Health Check etc. We also have test packages tailored according to various occupational demands. These include Nanny Screens, Pre-employment Screening Packages, Food Handlers Test, MSME Packages etc. We also offer for people who require monitoring for certain health conditions e.g Diabetes Profile, Cardiovascular Health Check, Comprehensive Metabolic Profile, Pre-school health, Hirsutism Screen, Hormonal Profiles, Thyroid Function Tests etc. Please click here to find out more here. Please, contact us via our phone numbers or social media platforms to find out which tests are suitable for you and your loved ones.

Can I schedule a home appointment for blood tests?

Yes, you can come into our offices to have your samples collected. The addresses for our different branches are indicated below. We are open 8:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays, and 9:00am to 5:00pm on weekends and public holidays. We also offer home sample collection service for blood tests and other tests too.

Do you have branches outside Lagos?

At the moment, we are situated in Lagos state but we can offer bulk sample collection services outside Lagos state.

How long is my COVID-19 PCR test result valid for?

The validity of your result depends on the airline/destination country requirement, this varies from 24hrs - 72hrs.

Can I do anonymous testing with confidential results?

Yes, an order can be placed anonymously. The First Name field must start with an alpha or numeric character and the Last Name must be an alpha character. Your correct date of birth and gender are required. We absolutely respect the privacy of all our clients and maintain confidentiality.