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3 Reasons to Get Tested for Tuberculosis

The first thing that usually comes to our minds when we hear TB is coughing up blood. However, TB shouldn‘t be taken for granted, as it can affect other areas of the body ...

Male Infertility and Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a crucial hormone required for important body functions such as muscle and bone development, hair growth, development of the male reproductive organs and sperm production ...

Four tips to boost your testosterone levels naturally

You probably know what testosterone is but do you know testosterone plays a huge role in the sexual functioning of both males and females? ...

Are you at risk of Prostate Cancer?

As a man, it‘s common to think “Nah, it‘s impossible for me to get prostate cancer.” You might think this way because you feel the idea of you having prostate cancer is so farfetched. After all, how many men in their 30s or 40s do you know have it? While this thought process is...

Four ways to Prevent Herpes

It is a bit staggering how it is often overlooked though, considering the fact that it is an incurable disease. Herpes, fully called Herpes simplex, is a virus that causes sores, most often around the mouth and genitals...

Five Habits To Protect Yourself From Vaginal Infections

Have you ever noticed something “funky” going on in your vagina? It could be something about the smell, unusual discharge or a different look and or feel of the discharge. While the vagina is such a delicate part of the body and it is...

Six tips on how you can protect your liver

Sometimes, people can be careless about the health of their internal organs, especially the liver. Our internal organs need to be taken care of just as we do the skin and hair for instance, if not more ...

Hepatitis: How it spreads, symptoms and tests

Hepatitis as a contagious disease is often caused by a virus, and can spread through contact with blood, body fluids or faeces of an infected person. A rapid test can be conducted at 2,000 naira to detect Hepatitis A, B or C ...

Common Test to Take for Diabetes

Diabetes occurs when the sugar (glucose) in your bloodstream is too high because your body cannot process enough or use the glucose from what you ate. Unfortunately, if not diagnosed on time and treated, diabetes can cause damage to your heart, ...

How to get tested for an STI

As the name implies, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are infections passed from one person to another through sexual activities. The infection occurs when the sexually transmitted bacteria or virus enters the body and multiplies.

How to test for Gonorrhoea

No one will like to get an STI! It‘s even worse to share it to your sexual partner/partners when you do have it. We understand the initial “have you been tested?” conversation can be a bit awkward and a mood killer, but honestly,

Blood Group and Genotype Compatibility

“Your child is SS!” This is the last thing any parent wants to hear but it‘s quite a common situation that results from a lack of knowledge and assumptions we make about our genotype because of thoughts like “my Father is AA so I must be AA and my child will be AA as well.”

Getting Tested for COVID In The Festive Season

What have you heard about COVID lately? Don‘t believe the false rumours you have heard. Coronavirus is still real and very much in circulation. With the fast-approaching festive season, the importance of getting tested for coronavirus disease and taking preventive measures cannot be overemphasized.

What you need to know about getting a medically fit nanny.

Hiring a Nanny can be a good or bad decision and when it comes to making your choice, there are many factors to be considered. One which is seldom paid attention to, however, is health screening. Often, people give complaints such as “My Nanny keeps falling ill and always has to miss work” or the all too familiar story of employers not knowing that their nanny is pregnant.

COVID 19 Travel Recommendations for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Travelers

Whether it‘s business, adventure or a vacation away from home, when going abroad you‘ll mostly likely find your pre-departure moments exciting, inspiring and nerve-wracking. Yeah, goose pimples and butterflies in your stomach aren‘t myths, but good travel preparations will guarantee you a more successful experience, reduce potential risks, and increase the positive impact you make on your host community.